The Star Alcyone

The Star Alcyone

“A great organization of worlds exist around Alcyone. There are seven suns and each one of them shines and gives life to its own planets and its satellites (which rotate in their respective orbits around each one of these suns). We cannot deny that our Sun has its own group of worlds or planets that it shines upon and gives life to.”
-Alcyone and Negative Emotions by Samael Aun Weor

The star Alcyone is the central Sun

Seven Suns, including our own, rotate around Alcyone. Therefore this star Alcyone holds an important center of gravity and organizational force for our solar system and our planet.

“Rather than being made up of rocks, meteoric stones, and other distinctive materials such as the rings of Saturn, Alcyone’s rings undoubtedly form one sole thing and are radioactive. These rings are constituted of radiation. But what type of radiation am I referring to? Simply, to that radiation that is the result of the fractionation of an electron. The fractionated electrons liberate energy, a type of energy that some authors call “manasic.” This term is Sanskrit and in some way is related to the Inferior Manas (inferior mind) and with the Superior Manas (superior mind; Manas is the Sanskrit word for mind).
So, these electrons liberate a type of unknown energy.

Obviously, if the intellectual animal (mistakenly called human) could disintegrate the electrons as he disintegrates the atoms, then a catastrophe would be provoked, that not only could affect the tridimensional world of Euclid, but moreover, could affect the Sephirothic regions of Hod (the world of emotions), or Netzach (the world of the mind), and perhaps even Tiphereth, (the world of natural causes). Thus, these regions could suffer great damage.”

Within our very universe is a star that is surrounded by rings of “manasic” radiation from the inner force of the electron itself. With our consciousness asleep, humanity has taken the knowledge of the inner force of the atom to create terrible destruction and suffering.

Atomic Energy

“Atoms offer many surprises that the men of science, of nuclear physics, do not even remotely suspect. Within their interior, the atoms carry that which the Hebrews call “igneous particles,” “hashim” or “igneous souls.” These igneous souls are formidable. Without these igneous souls, atoms cannot process themselves within the living constitution of matter. Therefore, in reality, no one truly knows the power, for instance, of a few grains of sand. We can be sure that nobody knows the power that is enclosed there, or what it is capable of doing.

The hashim or igneous souls are enclosed within each atom. The great magicians of the east know how to work with these igneous particles of the atoms. In any case, the atoms are impelled by these igneous particles, which are obviously suspected by modern scientists. Therefore, do not take this following assertion as a strange statement: the igneous radiations or vivifying radiations of the atoms of Alcyone will come to alter the molecules of nature.”

Matter itself is a mystery, which can only be understood with its spiritual component. Everything has a soul, a consciousness, from the tiny atom to the planets. Matter is not fixed, it can change at the atomic and subatomic level because of the consciousness aspect which is governed by spiritual laws. Matter is the living reality of the divine feminine, the power to change formation is that universal cosmic kundalini force.

The Transformation of Matter

“Once this radiation envelops the Earth, it will be tremendous, so tremendous that there will be no night for a duration of two thousand years. The whole Earth will be enveloped by this radiation, and in order to see, the light of the Sun will not be necessary. This radiation will illuminate even the deepest caverns, and for two thousand years there will be no night, but only one complete day without night.”

“Everything that is being taught in modern chemistry will become useless, because chemistry will change its formulae within a few years, upon the entrance into the radiation of Alcyone.

Once again we will evidence the Law of the Pendulum. We are starting the new cycle of transformations that was initiated on the 4th of February, 1962, between two and three in the afternoon, in spite of what the stubborn people might say. But we always refer to the facts.”

“Physical matter will become more radioactive, more fluorescent, and this will in some way be helpful for our spiritual work. It is clear that we must review our daily conduct. We must become more reflective, more careful with our critical judgements, and especially very careful with our negative emotions.

When we are in the very field of psychology, we find many disorders within people. Everyone is being dragged down by negative emotions, and this is very grave. There is nothing more harmful for profound internal development than negative emotions.

Negative Emotions

“When you are assaulted by a negative emotion, you must express the best that is possible within you during that event. If a negative emotion has arrived, for instance, a negative emotion of envy that is eating you up, down to the very marrow of your bones, then try and display a very harmonious behavior, not in favor of envy, of course, but in favor of your neighbor’s good.

If an emotion of anger is shaking us up, then speak with an extraordinary sweetness, and instead of being upset with the one that has hurt us, speak well of this one who has offended us. Thus, we will not be hurt internally. It is not an easy task to express good when one is feeling a negative emotion. But it is only this way that it must be.

If we have an emotion of resentment because someone has been bothering us, then let us speak with love and in favor of the one who has bothered us. It is clear that we must not remain on the surface. We must eliminate those undesirable psychological elements that from moment to moment produce within us negative emotions of anger, envy, hatred, lust, pride, etc., etc. At the very least, we must eliminate the psychological aggregates that have produced these negative emotions. Thus, we will not be hurt.”

This is an important teaching about the transformation of negative emotions. Do not ak this for repression or suppression. The Gnostic psychological teachings are about observation, comprehension, and elimination of the negative psychic aggregates. To not feed negative emotions is the first step, because that strengthens them. The next steps are to separate our consciousness from where it has been trapped within this negativity, and with awareness, humility, and faith, we offer up the negativity to be dissolved.

Creation of the Soul

“If we want to be born again, to create a second body, in order to penetrate into the Sephirotic region of Hod (the kingdom of heaven), then it is obvious that we should not torpidly waste our energies by letting ourselves be pulled in by negative emotions, such as violence, hatred, jealousy, pride, etc. If the energies are wasted by inferior emotions, then with what energy are we going to create a psychological body? How is this going to be achieved if we are wasting the energies? In order to create a psychological body (to be born again) it is necessary to save our energies.”

“Therefore, let us begin to save our energies. When a negative emotion is shaking us up, then it is worth knowing which psychological aggregate produced it. After having observed this aggregate (sin) in action, we must submit it to the technique of Meditation, in order to comprehend and disintegrate it. Otherwise, how else are we going to do it?”

“One cannot obey the Elder of Days if one does not do the will of the Father. One does not do the will of the Father who is in heaven when one lies. The will of God the Father is not fulfilled when one allows oneself to be pulled by negative emotions.

Therefore, beloved readers, it is necessary to learn to live wisely. It is necessary to self-explore, to observe ourselves better. So, we are now going to enter into an extraordinary epoch. The great selection has begun. Not all of this humanity who populate the face of the Earth will serve as a seed bed for the coming sixth Root Race, which will populate the future world.

Once this planet Earth is within the rings of Alcyone, then all we the workers of the Great Work have been stating will become evident. The Tree of Life is the spinal medulla. This Tree of Wisdom is also the ten Sephiroth, the twenty-two creative Major Arcana, letters, sounds, and numbers, with which the Logos (God) created the universe.”


All quotes from Alcyone and Negative Emotions by Samael Aun Weor