The Law of the Pendulum and the Internal Path

The Law of the Pendulum and the Internal Path

“You have seen the pendulum of a clock: in a moment it descends, on the right side, and then ascends on the left. People live completely enslaved by the Law of the Pendulum: as soon they ascend with absolute happiness, singing victory, then they go to the other extreme, depressed, pessimistic, anguished, desperate. It seems that life becomes complicated because of the Law of the Pendulum.  The highs and lows of money, of finances, the times of marvelous harmony between the relatives, the times of conflicts and problems, are processed ccording with the Law of the Pendulum. The Law of the Pendulum is one hundred percent mechanical.”
Samael Aun Weor

The law of the pendulum is how nature creates balance

If something swings far to one side then it will swing back the other direction in equal measure. This applies to our psychological lives as well as our physical lives. The pendulum of our psychological state swings from pleasure to pain, pride to shame, gluttony to abstinence etc.

Without the reaction to stimulus the pendulum stays centered. The principle of balance is a natural law of the universe that keeps order and balance. When we push our psychology to one extreme state, it must swing to the opposite pole eventually. This perpetuates suffering and chaos in our lives.

Being in the Center

The key is to allow the natural principle of balance to occur through stillness and silence of the mind. Then the pendulum is a hanging jewel in the center of our consciousness, rather than acting as a wrecking ball in our lives.

When our consciousness is active and awake, when we are fully present in the moment, when our internal energies are consolidated, or concentrated, on our inner Being, that is when the secret internal path opens up to us.

“The Tao is the esoteric Gnostic work.  The Tao is the secret path.  The Tao is something very intimate.  The Tao is the Being.
When one lives in the center of the circle, one does not take part in that mechanical game of the Law of the Pendulum.  One is not subjected to the alternatives of anguish and happiness, triumph and failure, happiness and pain, optimism and pessimism, etc.

Obviously, one is not liberated from the Law of the Pendulum, but – I repeat – it is necessary to learn to see everything with its two faces, positive and negative, and to not become identified with either of them, because both are illusory.
Everything passes in life.  Everything passes.”
-Samael Aun Weor

The Straight Path

The straight and narrow path, the path of the razor’s edge, the path of the initiates is hidden from those who are identified with the swinging of the pendulum. The hypnotic force of external life that forces us to seek pleasure and experience pain keeps us swinging back and forth and missing the path.

The ego feed off of this mechanical activity and we remain trapped in psychological sleep. The Tao is the Way and it is the Being itself. The Tao exists within us as consciousness and we access it in the present moment.

Stillness and silence of the mind, non-identification with the external events of life, remembering the internal Being, will draw us more and more interior along the invisible path that leads to liberation.