Pisces: Dissolution and Redemption

Pisces: Dissolution and Redemption

Pisces the Fish

Piscis-1Pisces the Fish is a Water sign in the Mutable mode.

The Sun passes through the sign of Pisces from February 19th to March 20th and is the last phase of Winter before the renewal process of Spring.

As the last sign of the zodiac cycle Pisces symbolizes the final dissolution of all material forms into divine unity. It is the only sign not concerned so much with action and accomplishment in the world, but with the transcendence of physical existence. Pisces is a dual sign and its symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing both the yearning for union with the divine and the desire to escape the problems of the world.

The zodiac shows a process of creation, growth and increasing complexity, until in Pisces it all dissolves and comes apart. This dissolution brings about the ultimate ending of all things so the cycle can begin anew, but with all the wisdom and lessons learned from the experience.

The Ocean of Pisces

The waters of Pisces are related with the great oceans- unfathomably deep, full of mystery, a completely different world filled with strange and magical creatures unlike anywhere else on Earth. Pisces governs dreams, the dreamworld, imagination, and intuition, which can facilitate spiritual awakenings and insights into subtler realms of existence, but can also easily fall into fantasy, delusion and nightmares.

The influence of imagination and dreams is often found in art, poetry, music, film and theater, which can transport us to another world where anything is possible. It is easy to see how these can be either edifying and inspiring for the heart or an escape from the realities and responsibilities of life.

Water & the Mystical Nature

Drop in OceanWater itself is the universal solvent, a polarized molecule that can break apart nearly anything given enough time. This is why water as an element is so healing and purifying, everything in water loses its solid form and can be washed away.

We see this redemptive quality of water as used in the rituals of baptism, morning ablutions, and ceremonial hand or foot washing. The energy of Pisces in the world has that same dissolving function of water, gradually breaking down all forms and structures.

People born under the influence of Pisces may sometimes find it hard to “get it together” in the physical world because things seem to naturally dissolve and come apart around them. At the same time there can be an innate understanding and acceptance of the impermanence of the world and the greater spiritual truths that exist beyond the rules of physical existence.

Pisces is ruled by the expansive planets Jupiter and Neptune. The planet Neptune governs everything that is hidden or elusive: the cloistered cell of the renunciate, the prisoner’s cell, the mysterious things hidden at the bottom of the ocean, even what is hidden behind a stage actor’s costume and mask.

There can be an urge for self-annihilation under the influence of Pisces, and when interpreted selfishly becomes addiction, escapism, depression and suicide. But Pisces holds the keys to genuine redemption and its influence brings gifts in the realms of healing, art, poetry, imagination, selfless devotion, and mysticism.

The Age of Pisces

On a larger cultural scope we can see the influence of the sign of Pisces in the previous two millenia known as the Age of Pisces. This time was characterized by major religions, in particular Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, that emphasized teachings of humility, devotion, obedience, solitude and sacrifice, all keynotes of Pisces.

Christianity in particular reached its greatest influence during this Age, and Christ was associated in many of the Gospels with fish and fisherman. The crude symbol of the fish helped the early Christians identify one another while they were still under persecution and had to meet in secret.

Christ’s ultimate act of sacrifice shows the spirit of Pisces in the willingness endure pain, humiliation, suffering and even physical death so that the divine will and goodness prevails on Earth and others may benefit.

Mary the mother of Christ is also a profound symbol of suffering, humility, patience and sacrifice. Mary is from the root mar – sea, and she is sometimes known as Stella Maris- Star of the Sea. Ichthus the Greek word for fish, was used as an acronym for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior”. Christ the fish is born from Mary the sea, and in Pisces we learn how redemption and healing come from a surrender to the infinite goodness and divinity of God.stella-maris1