On Love

On Love

Love is not the same as feeling good, content, pleased, satiated, praised, confident, envied, or secure. These are not love.

Love is a burning flame that strips away and slashes, chars, and annihilates. And yet it must be kindled or the precious flame of love goes out and all that is left is a shell.

Fear douses and freezes the fires of love. Lust and anger explode it and use up its fuel. Jealousy throws it out, leaving us with nothing. Laziness and complacency dim it and smother it. Avarice puts walls around love, hiding it from ourselves and others.

Dear God

Please teach me to love

how to love

with all my being

with all my force

help me to receive your grace

and the gifts you give

that in my blindness I

curse as suffering.

Dear God

Be with me.