Mars: Red Planet of Force & Strength

Mars: Red Planet of Force & Strength

Mars in Mythology

803945-1Mars or Ares is the ancient Greek-Roman god of war and the military, associated with the virtues of strength, courage, and force, not just for war and fighting but also to secure peace and prosperity.

In ancient Roman mythology Mars is the father if the twins Romulus and Remus, ancient founders of the city of Rome. His consort was called Valor, representing the feminine aspects related to vital force, power and majesty. Mars is also associated with being the lover of the goddess Venus, and they had a child called Concordia, goddess of peace and harmony.

The Planet Mars

In the sky Mars is called the Red planet due to the high levels of iron oxide on its surface, it is the fourth planet from the Sun. Interestingly it has similar features to the Earth such as polar ice caps, volcanoes, and even a similar rotational period and seasonality.

Astrologically Mars rules Aries and Scorpio, both signs known for their intensity and power. A strong Mars influence will bring a lot of energy, drive, ambition, force and stamina, and there may be a competitive drive to every endeavor and a seeming endless reserve of energy.

A Mars influence may bring an interest in the military, sports, or other ways to do battle. Combined with a Venusian influence there may be an interest in martial arts which combine the force and power of Mars with the beauty and elegance of Venus.

The Astrological Symbol of Mars

imagesThe symbol for Mars shows the circle of pure spirit with the cross of matter (stylized as an arrow) expressing outward. This symbol illustrates very clearly the outward and forward energy of Mars with the spirit as a foundation, because the spiritual aspects are the roots of our vital force. This symbol is commonly used to represent masculinity, while the sign of Venus is used to represent femininity.

The metal associated with Mars is Iron, and according to Gnostic anthropology we are currently in the Iron Age, the end times of the Kali Yuga. Iron, in the form of steel, is the most prevalent type of metal on the surface of this planet as it composes most of our infrastructure, manufacturing, vehicles, and weapons. Due to the law of vibrational affinity, a strong Mars influence in an individual’s astrology has been shown to have a statistically significant correlation with red hair, a result of more iron in the system.

The Iron Age is association with times of war, strife, discord, chaos, and materialism, but we can take advantage of the force of Mars to give us strength and endurance on the internal spiritual path. The path of gnosis is called the path of the razor’s edge, and the sword of Samael, spiritual regent of the planet Mars, is necessary to guide us forward in the internal battles.