How to Solve Problems

How to Solve Problems

“People face innumerable problems in life.  Each person needs to know how to solve each of these problems intelligently.  We need to comprehend each problem.  The solution of every problem is in the problem itself. The time for us to learn how to solve our problems has arrived.  Many problems exist: economic, social, moral, political, religious, family related, etc. and we should learn to solve them intelligently.  The important thing to remember for the solution of every problem is to not become identified with the problem. We have a certain tendency to become identified with the problem, and the identification is so intense that we, in fact, become the very problem.  The result of such identification is that we fail in the solution because a problem can never solve another problem.”
-Samael Aun Weor, Introduction to Gnosis

A problem is a mental formation with two poles: positive and negative

There are always problems in life because every new circumstance that we get identified with becomes a formation in the mind. Once it is crystallized in this way then it also has a positive and a negative pole, as the mind exists in duality.

Solving problems

“One needs much peace and mental calm to solve a problem.  An uneasy, battling, confused mind cannot solve any problem.  If you have a very serious problem, do not become identified with the problem, do not become a problem yourself; retreat to any healthy recreational place: a forest, or a park, or the home of a very close friend, etc.  Distract yourself with something different, listen to good music, and then, with your mind tranquil and calm, in perfect peace, try to comprehend the problem profoundly, remembering that the solution to every problem is within the problem itself.”
-Samael Aun Weor, Introduction to Gnosis

Forget about the problem

Go for a walk, drink some tea, take in some good art, even just sleeping on it can give new perspective to a problem. Do something to not get identified with the problem. Then if the problem has a solution then you do not need to worry about it; if the problem does not have a solution, you still do not need to worry about it.

Change centers/brains

If the problem is emotional, go for a walk, dance, get in the moving center to shift the emotional state.

If it is intellectual get your mind off it and talk to a friend or listen to music to open the emotional space, allow for intuitive answers to arise.

If it is a physical problem approach it intelligently before you act irrationally, and listen to your heart.

Work to harmonize the three brains through being as conscious as possible throughout the day

Meditation and comprehension

Sit in stillness and relaxation. Let the problem come into your mind without identifying with it becoming stressed. With patience there will arrive comprehension of the problem with the consciousness. With the consciousness alert we can identify the egoic pattern of behavior, of thought, of feeling, of will. How this ego is not reality, but has been using our consciousness to see things from a skewed and twisted angle. Comprehension arises with spontaneous repentance in the heart for the lie we have believed within ourselves, for the suffering it has caused ourselves and others.

Asking for help

With the heart softened from the practice of comprehension, pray to your Divine Mother Kundalini to dissolve what you have comprehended so that it is eliminated completely. She is not our physical mother, she has no set form, but is the loving matrix of all form in the universe. She is Mother Nature, Mother Death, Dicing Mother Cosmic Space, and we are all her children. She can surgically remove the egoic factors from the consciousness with her sword of fire, and set the Essence free.

No ego, no problem

Without that mental formation, crystallized into ego, we are not identified with that particular worldview and all the attending problems. We also learn the taste of mystical death to deal with future problems as they arise.