Divine Mother Nature

Divine Mother Nature

“Oh mother Gaia, of Gods and men the source, endowed with fertile, all-destroying force; all-parent, bounding, whose prolific powers produce a store of beauteous fruits and flowers.
All-various maid, the immortal world’s strong base, eternal, blessed, crowned with every grace; from whose wide womb as from an endless root, fruits many-formed, mature, and grateful shoot.

Deep-bosomed, blessed, pleased with grassy plains, sweet to the smell, and with prolific rains.
All-flowery Daimon, centre of the world, around thy orb the beauteous stars are hurled with rapid whirl, eternal and divine, whose frames with matchless skill and wisdom shine.
Come, blessed Goddess, listen to my prayer, and make increase of fruits thy constant care; with fertile seasons in thy train draw near, and with propitious mind thy suppliants hear.”
Orphic Hymn

The Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of all of creation

She is the fabric of the universe and the divine intelligence of nature. Like a mother that gestates and nurtures her child from her own, our Divine Mother Nature gives everyone their physical body through the intelligent combination of the four elements. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, everything in our lives comes from Mother Nature.

In the Greek mysteries, Gaia or Gaea is a name of the Divine Mother Nature, the planet Earth. Gaia does not merely represent the literal, physical planet, she represents forces of nature: laws and intelligences that function on every level of the cosmos. [source]

Divine Mother Nature was traditionally revered as the intelligent force responsible for the harmony of all creation. To live in harmony with nature is to live connected to life, to death, to all beings. Today we are disconnected from nature in almost every way, from the food we eat, to our environment, to the cycles of birth and death, and even from our own bodies.

Divine Mother Nature

Divine Mother Nature is one aspect of the five holy aspects of the Divine Mother. Nature is intimately related with our physical and spiritual life, with the gestation and birth of our physical body and the gestation and birth of the soul, with the spiritual awakening of the kundalini and the great mysteries of death.

Connection to Divine Mother Nature is connection to our living reality, here and now, and a deepening of our spiritual work. This begins with a connection to our physical body and physical life. A useful key is a basic meditation practice: Relaxing of the body, enjoying the sensation of the vital energy within the body, feeling the breath, this is the beginning of paying reverence to our internal Divine Mother Nature.