• Christmas and the Winter Solstice

    December 4, 2017

    The Winter Solstice In the northern hemisphere the Winter Solstice on December 21st is the darkest day of the...

    Gnostic Muse
  • The Three Jewels: Master, Teaching, and Community

    July 19, 2017

    They go to many a refuge, to mountains, forests, parks, trees, and shrines: people threatened with danger. That’s not...

    Gnostic Muse
  • Taoist Cosmology

    March 7, 2017

    Tao is empty- Its use is never exhausted Bottomless- the origin of all things… Deeply subsistent- I don’t know...

    Gnostic Muse
  • Lucifer: the Light-Bearer

    February 9, 2017

    “How art thou fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning, thou who looketh so brilliant at...

    Gnostic Muse
  • The Esoteric Three Magi

    December 24, 2016

    In the time of King Herod, after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, wise men from the East came...

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  • The Christmas Tree of Life

    December 24, 2016

    The Tree of Life exists in all religions and cultural traditions from the Nordic Ygdrassil, to the Mayan and...

    Gnostic Muse

    August 28, 2016

    “In the Universe there is nothing stronger than the power of Compassion. Cling on to it. In the event...

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  • Prayer of the Heart

    July 19, 2016

    “Continuity of attention produces inner stability; inner stability produces a natural intensification of watchfulness; and this intensification gradually and...

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  • The Buddhic-Christic Path

    May 31, 2016

    Gnosis is knowledge, insight, direct knowing. This is a universal teaching that is the essence of all religions, philosophies,...

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